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Beverly Hills Dental Emergencies Increase in Warmer Weather Rifkin Raanan Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry

Rifkin Raanan Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry

Summer time fun and sun are also accompanied by an increase in dental emergencies. Here are some tips to keep in mind just in case you or someone you know has a dental emergency.

Dental Pain

The famous Beverly Hills dentists, Rifkin Raanan, are ready to help you with essential recommendations to protect your smile in the summer. In instances where a dental emergency happens, it is necessary to know what to do. Rifkin Raanan has compiled a list of important things to know in case of dental emergency. These recommendations were gathered from many years of experience:

Knocked Out Tooth

In the case of a knocked out tooth, retrieve and save the tooth. Rifkin Raanan advises their patients to place something cold on the tooth — or preferably in a cold glass of milk and take it along with you to their office immediately, where it can be reattached.

Also place an ice pack on the affected area of the mouth to reduce bleeding and swelling. Visiting the dentist right away is important because the sooner the tooth is re-inserted, the higher the chance of it surviving.

Fractured Tooth

When you have a fractured or broken tooth, rinse the affected area with warm clean water. Apply a cold compress to the cheek near the broken tooth to reduce swelling. Apply gauze to the broken tooth to help control bleeding. Immediately see the dentist.

Loose Tooth

If your tooth is loose after and accident, ensure the tooth is examined by a dentist right away, they will ensure the root of the tooth is not dying, and can take actions to save the tooth. In the mean time, try to avoid moving it around with your fingers or tongue, this can make it worse. Keep the tooth clean by gently removing food debris if possible. Rinsing gently with warm water is usually the best option.

If you or someone you know experience any of these dental emergencies, remain calm, act quickly and get in touch with Rifkin Raanan, the best cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills. If you are wondering if the condition is an emergency — if it hurts, it is — contact us right away.

Rifkin Raanan Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry

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