Beverly Hills Dental Emergencies Increase in Warmer Weather

In Beverly Hills, it is required to pay more attention to your health in warm weather. As you are planning your summer trip, observing your health too may save you from dental emergency.

Dental Pain

The famous dentists in Beverly Hills, Rifkin&Raanan, is ready to help you with essential recommendations to protect your smile in the summer. In instances where emergency may be unavoidable, it is necessary to know what to do. Rifkin&Raanan has compiled a list of important things to know in case of dental emergency. These recommendations were gathered from his many years of practice:

In Case Of Knocked Out Tooth

In the case of knocked out tooth, retrieve and save the tooth. Rifkin&Raanan advises his patients to place something cold on the tooth — preferably a cold glass of milk and take it along with you to his Beverly Hills dentistry office immediately.

Also place an ice pack on the affected area of the mouth to reduce bleeding and swelling. Visiting the dentist right away is important because the sooner the tooth is re-inserted, the higher its chance of surviving.

In Case Of Fractured Tooth

When you accidentally have fractured or broken teeth, rinse the affected area with warm clean water. Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and immediately call the best dentist to handle such in Beverly Hills such as Rifkin&Raanan.

In Case Of Loose Tooth

If you sustain a loose tooth from the accident, ensure the teeth is examined by Rifkin&Raanan in Beverly Hills right away, he will ensure the root of the tooth is not dying, and to do this, he will need a root canal.

Whenever your ward or you experience any of this dental emergency, remain calm, act quickly and get in touch with Rifkin&Raanan, the best dentist in Beverly Hills. If you are doubting the condition to be emergency — if it hurts, it is — even the slightest injuries can affect a living tissue, so contact Dr. Raanan right away.

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