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Building Your Best Smile With Veneers in Beverly Hills

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How to Choose the Best Veneers For You

The experts at Rifkin Raanan understand the impact that your smile has on your appearance and your confidence.

While everyone wants a perfect smile, yours should be unique, balancing and complementing your natural features. With so many options available, selecting the best veneer shape and color for your ideal smile can be an overwhelming process. World-renowned Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists, Dr. Robert Rifkin and Dr. Rodney Raanan, are here to simplify things so you can find your perfect personalized smile.

Selecting the Perfect Veneer Shade

Choosing the right color for your dental veneers is a crucial step in creating a natural-looking smile. A typical veneer color chart contains 44 different shades, all categorized by their undertones and brightness. By taking a strategic approach here, you can achieve the bright, luminous smile you want without compromising your natural appeal. The first step in selecting your veneer color is examining the undertones of your natural teeth.

You can locate your ideal color category on the color chart by identifying whether your teeth have a reddish-brown, reddish-yellow, gray, or reddish-gray hue. These differences seem subtle, but the undertone of your teeth can have a dramatic impact on your overall look. Once you have determined the undertone of your natural teeth, you can select your specific shade from a range of bright-to-dark options within your color category.

While you may be tempted to select the brightest white veneer shade from your section of the color chart, going too white can cause your veneers to appear unnatural and discordant with your other features. Therefore, the trick to achieving a luminous, natural-looking glow is considering the other natural colors of your face. In many cases, your skin tone can be the best indicator of how bright your veneers should be. Patients with lighter skin tones may select a brighter veneer shade to create contrast.

However, patients with darker skin tones should avoid the most brilliant veneer shades to prevent an unnatural appearance. If you’re unsure whether a particular shade is too bright for your skin tone, you can also look at the whites of your eyes. A general rule is that you should never select a veneer shade that is brighter than the white parts of your eyes. As your eyes are the natural focal point of your face, your smile should complement the beauty of your eyes rather than detract from them.

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How to Get the Perfect Tooth Shape

From the start of the design process to your final selection, a focus on proportion and harmony will ensure the best results.

Just as the tones of your face are the best guides for choosing your ideal veneer shade, your facial features and other characteristics can also help steer you toward your perfect tooth shape. The first step in narrowing down your selection of shapes is identifying your face shape. We can typically classify face shapes as round, oval, square, or heart-shaped. For round faces, longer veneers can have a slimming effect on the face’s overall appearance.

Conversely, square veneers can make oval-shaped faces appear more proportionate. In addition, rounded veneers can complement square-shaped faces by softening the angularity of the jawline. Finally, rounder, shorter veneers are often best matched with heart-shaped faces.

The shape of your teeth can also impact the appearance of femininity or masculinity in the face. Generally speaking, broad, square features are considered more masculine, while softer features create a more feminine appearance.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that squarer veneers can make a face appear more masculine while rounded ones have a feminizing effect. While most of us may not think about our teeth as having anti-aging capabilities, the shape of your veneers can actually impact how old you look. For younger patients, longer veneers are most likely to enhance your youthful look. For patients with fine lines or wrinkles around the mouth, fuller veneers can restore lost volume around the mouth for a smoother, firmer, and younger appearance.


Rifkin Raanan offers both porcelain and NuVeneers in Beverly Hills. Selecting the most suitable materials can also impact the look and functionality of your veneers. While porcelain veneers are typically ideal for more extensive veneer work, NuVeneers offer complete customization and may be a superior option for patients who need minor adjustments. Dr. Robert Rifkin and Dr. Rodney Raanan can help you achieve your dream smile while being extremely conservative in the preparation of your teeth while using the highest end porcelains to hand-make your veneers based on your needs and desired aesthetic.

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While the above tips can help you narrow down your options, the extensive selection of veneer shapes and shades still leaves room for personal preference.

We want your veneers to be more than functional - we want them to enhance every aspect of your look, personality, and life. For further information about how veneers can impact your look and expert guidance toward building your best smile, visit us at premier Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry practice, Rifkin Raanan.

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