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Ozone is a powerful gas instrument that effectively kills bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses in fillings and gum infections. At Rifkin Raanan, we use this effective machine to disinfect existing cold sores and root canal teeth. Ozone therapy is a minimally invasive technique that can be utilized for many dental applications, especially in treating gum disease.

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Ozone gas can be an effective tool in the fight against cavities by disinfecting the surface of a tooth and stopping any decay process. It can also be used to desensitize a tooth and kill existing bacteria, fungi, and parasites that conceal themselves around the root of a tooth. Ozone permeates into areas below the gum line and over smooth surfaces and grooves of teeth attaching itself to the wall of a diseased cell or virus and then destroys it. The benefit works this way: the ozone kills the bad cells but not the healthy ones because the healthy cells convert the ozone back into oxygen.

Even after a great cleaning, there are areas that can be hard to get into, deep pockets in gum disease. This is where ozone can come into all the tiny areas and under the gum line and get rid of all the bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Ozonated water flushes out all the bad “guys” in your mouth. You may not need any restoration work done as long as the cavity or decayed area is not too deep. Your visit for our Beverly Hills ozone dental treatment will be comfortable and help rejuvenate your oral health.

Can Ozone Therapy Fix Your Cavities?

If you have minor to medium levels of tooth decay, ozone therapy can definitely help get rid of bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. However, if you have severe tooth decay, you will probably need a filling to fix your cavity problem.

Is Ozone Safe?

Yes, ozone therapy is considered a safe and natural treatment with no side effects associated with medications. Ozone is safe as long as it is used properly and in the right amount that is beneficial to you.

What Are the Benefits of Ozone Dental Therapy?

Ozone dental therapy has become an effective and natural way to decrease infection and inflammation. Here are some of the benefits of ozone:

  • Avoids restoration work if caught early
  • Can help with tooth sensitivity
  • Deals with minor to average tooth decay
  • Heals a tooth
  • Minimal anxiety for the patient
  • No discomfort
  • No drills
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Stronger tooth
  • Treats gum disease

Customized Ozone Therapy

At Rifkin Raanan, we custom-make a personalized formulation of the ozone therapy based on your particular needs. We create custom ozone trays to solve your individual issues. The purpose of the tray is to saturate and expose soft and hard tissues to the antimicrobial re-oxygenation of ozone. The process involves taking impressions and processing at our in-house lab where the trays are created to fit your exact dental structure.

Once the tray is made we place it over your teeth and gums with a precise amount of pressure for the appropriate ozone dosage based on the condition of your gum tissue. This promotes an immunological response for healing and improved oral health.

Many of our patients have sensitivity in their gums which can impede teeth whitening procedures. Once we treat you with ozone therapy, you will be in a better condition to whiten your teeth. Our customized ozone therapy is very useful for people with deeper gum pockets or periodontal disease as the ozone penetrates and kills bacteria. An ozone therapy treatment can also help patients who have had root canals.

What is the Recovery Time?

One of the best things about ozone is having no recovery time since it is a minimally invasive technique and does not involve any drilling, and therefore, no numbing treatment. You leave without feeling groggy or in pain.

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