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Here at Rifkin Raanan, we pride ourselves on providing a world-class patient experience that is unrivaled in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Each and every member of our team is passionate about ensuring that your journey is seamless every step of the way, from your initial consultation all the way through to the completion of your procedure. Our patients have told us time and time again that they are amazed at the level of expertise and the care they experience here at Rifkin Raanan. This is why they keep coming back and recommend us without hesitation. Read below to hear directly from just a few of our many happy patients.

“I expressed my concerns to him and he carefully listened and addressed every single one of them. Throughout the treatment, he would ask how I was doing, if I had any questions, and would update me every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with the final result!” — K.S.

“Dr Rifkin has the hands of an angel. Never had any pain with his procedures. He is the Michelangelo of restorative dentistry. I’ve been going to him for forty years and will be going to him after he retires.” — J.F.

“Their office is so beautiful and posh that you feel like you're at a high-end spa and not a dentist's office. The view is breathtaking, and the serenity of it melts away the stress of being at a dentist's office. The staff were incredibly nice and professional. Unlike other dentists who are rushed from one patient to another, Dr. Raanan takes his time to teach you about the status of your teeth & make you feel comfortable. He makes you laugh throughout the process.” — S.A.

“I have a long-standing fear of anything related to dental work. I was greeted with big smiles and stunning views of LA. My procedure was easy and surprisingly pain free! Great price and now I have completely overcome my fear of dental work. Dr. Rodney Raanan is a genius! It's no surprise he is held in such high regard. If you want to go to the best of the best for far less than you might expect to pay then this is your place! I don't normally post reviews but this experience made my week! Highest recommendation.” — S.M.

“To save money on dentist is the worst thing anyone can do, but I learned it the hard way. Dr. Raanan had to correct the other dentist's bad job, and he couldn't have done it any better” — V.D.

“Love the office. Dr. Rifkin is so great and made my teeth look restored and natural. Nikki the hygienist is the best. Fast, painless, and leaves my teeth sparkling. Altogether a fantastic experience.” — M.H.

“Great experience Dr. Rifkin and his staff are both pleasant and professional. It's over a two hour drive for me but worth the trip for superior dentistry!” — S.P.

“At Dr. Robert Rifkin, D.D.S. I had the best dental experience of my life. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. This is indeed the model of dentistry at its finest.” — S.R.

“Dr. Rodney Raanan is amazing. He is so kind and gentle and I could not thank him enough for all his help! Everyone in the office is sweet and caring. What I most like about Dr. Raanan is how precise he is in his work. My first visit he took X-rays and showed me what was going on in my mouth.” — D.D.

“Dr. Raanan Is very compassionate and passionate about dentistry. I was so surprised by his level of expertise. I have always been uncomfortable to go to the dentist. It was the best experience. Dr. Raanan and his staff made the experience so comfortable for me so grateful I found him.” — S.G.

“I felt relaxed and welll cared for. The view is amazing and the dental hygienists are very skillful and thorough. Dr Rifkin is the best dentist in the world! Painless, fast and great!” — N.J.

"Dr. Rifkin is simply the best. Not everybody is lucky enough to become his patient. He is a caring Dentist first. Period. But he is also an artist with an eye for detail ... just a rare find. His smiles are so natural, so translucent and luminous you would never know that they aren't made by nature." — G.S.

“Best of LA! Amazing. Great office. Professional work and highest quality service. Beautiful views from the office. Sit back and Trust you are getting the best in LA.” — M.F.

“The best dental care I have ever received. Not only are they the best in the business, they are humble, professional and personable people. Once you become their patient, no other practice will be able to impress you. And the Beverly Hills Penthouse views are incredible!” — E.A.

“I have always been scared of going to the dentist. My initial exam by Dr. Rodney was the most thorough exam I have ever had at a dentist. I learned so much about what is going on in my mouth. I also had my teeth cleaned which was absolutely painless and my teeth felt so clean afterwards. Thank you so much for a great experience!” — H.A.

“I felt relaxed and well cared for. The view is amazing and the dental hygienists are very skillful and thorough. Dr Rifkin is the best dentist in the world! Painless, fast and great!” — N.J.

“My teeth and my smile are now just the way I want, and I can't thank them enough for giving me that confidence.” — K.S.

“What can I say but sheer professionalism here they have given me a Colgate smile, I meet many people in my profession and Dr Rifkin and all the staff make me want to smile all the time. Thanks for the cleaning Nicki I didn't feel a thing and now my teeth shine bright like diamonds. I can't wait to go back.” — M.G.

“I would like to thank the maestro Dr. Rodney Raanan for a beautiful smile I get many compliments on, not to mention the boost in my self-esteem.” — S.S.

“The most hospitable, understanding and knowledgeable dentists and hygienists I've ever encountered. I actually look forward to my visits, which is odd, but very cool.” — M.U.

“I have never met a doctor as thorough as he was. Explaining who he is and what he does and the outcome for each individual patient with visuals and photos, before and afters, etc. You will feel so comfortable, welcomed, being a patient in his practice.” — A.B.

“Dr. Rodney and his staff are amazing!!!!!!!!! when I walked in... Lilly was so sweet, nice and greeted me with a big smile :) they treated me like a princess there! I swear Dr. Rodney is the best dentist I ever been to!!!! he was super gentle, patient, comforting and gave me the super makeover smile I dreamed of all my life!!! Thanks to him and his assistant Kelly OMG she was the sweetest and the coolest ever!!! without them two and their amazing talented work I wouldn't be able to smile as big as I do now! :) I am very grateful for everything everyone in this office have done for me. I love you guys! :*) You guys are the best of the best!” — M.M.

“I visited Dr. Rodney Rannan for the first time this past Wednesday, expecting an initial consultation like any other dental appointment. I was amazed with the level of expertise, time, special attention and care that I received not only from Dr. Rannan but also from his assistant Kelly. She was so kind, attentive and calming during the procedures. I have seen many different dentists in my life, but nothing compares to this one. Congrats Dr. Raannan for setting up such a practice.” — M.K.

“First I want to let everybody know that this is one of the most beautiful offices I have been to - very well designed! The office crew is super professional, always accommodating, especially since I have a baby. I️ go to this office regularly for cleanings with Sue and she is the best hygienist in town ! She is always on time, I️ never have to wait. She makes me feel comfortable and relaxed for the duration of my visit. She thoroughly explains all of the procedures and answers all of my questions. I️ have tried other dental groups, but have never experienced a dental group that I️ looked forward to going back to! The entire staff is very sweet and friendly. Highly recommend!” — J.Z.

“For someone who has always been scared to go to the dentist, I have never felt at more ease and taken care of as I did at Dr. Raanan’s office. Not only is he by far the best and most amazing dentist, but also an amazing person as well, who is honest and genuinely cares about you, which is very hard to find. He took the time to explain everything from A to Z and made me feel very comfortable. He made my chipped tooth look as good as new and permanently fixed my tooth sensitivity! I cannot thank him enough! And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to go back!” — M.B.

“Ever since I was in my teens, I have had two front teeth that were misaligned which affected my smile and confidence. Before visiting Dr. Rodney, I had consulted with another dentist in the building who insisted that I get all 6 of my front teeth veneered to make sure they match in color. I am so glad I didn't make that mistake! Dr. Rodney explained that only two veneers were needed in my case and that he would perfectly match the color with my natural teeth. Most importantly, he took the extra time to explain the whole procedure to me. I had 2 appointments and it took less than a week!!! It was completely painless and I couldn't believe my teeth looked so beautiful afterwards, as if nothing was ever done!!! He even used a high-powered microscope during the procedure, something I had never seen before. He truly cares about his patients and does everything in his power to make you feel at ease. Thank you so very much Dr. Rodney. You have no idea how much you've positively impacted my confidence!” — M.M.

“My story goes back to 2006 when I saw a dental "veneers" ad in a local magazine. Soon after, I decided to make an appointment and get them done. Little did I know that I should have done some research about the dentist's work history and speciality. Long story short, I ended up with unnatural horse teeth that negatively impacted my natural smile and oral health. In addition, I developed severe gum disease and other oral complications as years passed. I wanted my healthy smile back so I did my homework this time before choosing a doctor. After consulting with over 10 specialists, I found Dr. Rodney Raanan. He was able to accurately diagnose the problems and recommend affordable solutions. After a couple of office visits he was able to give me the beautiful smile I always dreamed about. I finally have healthy looking gum, natural teeth, and a beautiful smile. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Rodney Raanan and his team.” — S.N.

“Dr. Rodney Raanan is truly amazing. He is a one of a kind dentist. Dr. Raanan is so kind and gentle. I could not thank him enough for all his help and patience! Everyone in the office is sweet and caring. What I most like about Dr. Raanan is how precise he is in his work. During my visit he took the time to go over all myX-rays and explained what was going on in my mouth. He explained everything step by step, and made sure I understood and always asked if I had any questions or concerns. After I went in for a cleaning and it was the most precise cleaning I have ever received. They measured my gums to make sure that all my gums were healthy, and gave me a good cleaning. Dr. Raanan fixed my broken tooth and took me out of the excruciating pain I was in. I cannot thank him or his office enough! Thank you so much Dr. Raanan for making my dental visit a more pleasurable one. Can't wait to see you again!” — D.D.

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