Your First Consultation Experience the Difference

Your consultation will consist of a one-on-one session with Dr. Rifkin. or Dr. Ranaan. During this session, the doctor will take the time to thoroughly understand you, your goals and take a close eye to your smile. This will give them all the information they need to craft a treatment plan that is 100% customized to you. It is this thorough consultation process that ensures every patient receives completely bespoke treatment and that no two patients ever receive the same plan.

“I have never met a doctor as thorough as he was. Explaining who he is and what he does and the outcome for each individual patient with visuals and photos, before and afters, etc. You will feel so comfortable, welcomed, being a patient in his practice.”

What you’ll get from your consultation:

  • One on one time with a master cosmetic dentist
  • A chance to explain your concerns and goals
  • The opportunity to get all your questions answered
  • A thorough understanding of all your teeth and any treatment needs
  • A treatment plan that is tailored to you
  • A clear understanding of what we can do for you and your smile

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