Can Carbonated Drink Benefit Your Dental Health

Carbonated drink, which you may call soda or pop can cause serious oral health issues. The best dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Rodney Raanan said he has seen many patients with erosive of the tooth protective layers called enamel. This drink also contains acid which erodes enamel and when enamel is eroded, it does not grow back, leaving the teeth exposed — this is the major source of tooth decay. In population sampling, teenagers drink as much as 13 soft drinks, a typical American consumes up to 45 gallons per year

There are more than 11 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 Oz can. This quantity of sugar makes your teeth vulnerable to dental decay and erosion if consumed on a daily basis. Dr. Rodney Raanan advised students who drink soda while studying are more prone to tooth decay. Since soda contains acid, drinking it over a long period of time is like bathing the teeth in acid

Dr. Rodney Raanan suggests you avoid drinking soda at all and also recommends some habits to imbibe:

Prevention is better than cure. To cure tooth sensitivity may result in a mouth full of crowns. Dr. Raanan said “Tooth sensitivity can become a lifetime problem, solution can be a mouth full of crowns. And that is harsh to the pockets, especially if there’s a solution to this and that’s limiting and possibly not drinking soda at all. By practicing good oral hygiene and with our help, you can counteract their effect and enjoy better oral health.

Hot and cold drinks can penetrate your oral organ down to the tooth’s nerve and cause a great pain. How painful will that be? You’d be unable to enjoy your best food. Hope this information helps?

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