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Dental Implants provide a secure, long term alternative to removable dentures, whether partial or complete. When you are faced with the misfortune of needing to replace missing or badly damaged teeth, dental implants offer a superior option, since they provide exceptional support and stability for dental appliances.

Dental Implants (usually made of titanium) serve as artificial roots. Implants are surgically placed directly into the jaw bone of the upper or lower gums. When teeth are attached to implants, they look very natural, and are securely anchored to the bone. Dental implants make it possible to securely restore or enhance the patient’s smile!

In most cases, Dental Implants offer the strongest, most stable, and most durable option. With reasonable care, they will last for many years. Regular dental checkups are important, though, as on occasion, some implants may have to be adjusted, tightened or replaced. With regular professional care, such problems are rare and can usually be readily remedied.

Reasons to choose dental implants:

What’s involved in the dental implant process?

The dental implant process requires multiple visits over a period of several months.

The first step is to take X-rays and make impressions (molds) of the jaw and teeth. This process enables your dentist to evaluate bone and gum tissue, and to determine the proper spacing for the implants.

The process of installing the implants entails the administration of an anesthetic to numb the gum and jaw. The implant will then be surgically placed into the jaw bone. Before further work is done, the jaw bone will be allowed to heal for up to six months. This process allows the implant to be fully integrated into the bone. Some types of implant require a second surgery to place the “post” on which the artificial tooth is secured. Another type of implant uses a post and anchor which are already integrated. This type of implant is placed during a single surgery.

When the bone has healed and the implant is securely integrated, the new teeth are custom made and secured to the post. In some cases, several fitting sessions may be necessary, so completion of this step can sometimes require as much as eight weeks. When the artificial teeth have been securely attached to implanted anchors, they offer superior stability and comfort to the patient, rivaling that of natural teeth.

When your implant procedure has been completed, you will be given detailed instructions for proper care of your new teeth. As with natural teeth, proper eating habits, good oral hygiene, and regular dental visits are important to maintain the life and health of your dental implants.

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