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No matter how good something might be good, there is always an accompanying bad side. In our narration today, Rifkin&Raanan will give their recommendations on how to properly use a mouthwash.



Relieve Canker Sores: Mouthwash can detoxicate areas with sores, thereby reducing the number of bacteria.

Gum Disease: Stuck food in-between teeth can make the gums and tooth sockets get infected by plaque.

Cavity Control: The use of fluoride rinse can prevent cavity formation and also prevent periodontal disease.

Plaque: Dental plaque is a sticky bio-film caused by bacterial. Mouthwash can reduce dental plaque which has harden and became tartar. Dental health professionals agree plaque can be removed by having a mouth cleaning twice in a year because they can go under the gums.


Do Not Swallow: It is not advisable to use mouthwash for children under 5-year-old. Swallowing significant amount of it can be a health risk and the child may need a doctor.

Alcohol-Based: Many researches have confirmed that using alcohol-based mouthwash can cause oral cancer.

Veils Bad Breath: Mouthwash can help mask bad breath; and not having to worry about this can make you neglect some dental care.

Mouthwash Is Not Enough: Using different type of mouthwash is not enough in itself. You can combine brushing and flossing with it to have a better oral health result.

In conclusion, the top dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Rodney Raanan, suggests the use of the above combination with mouthwash in your daily routine. And if your reason for using mouthwash is to veil mouth odor, do not hesitate to visit him.

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