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Rifkin Raanan Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry

Thanks to widespread use of fluorides and improved patient awareness, the incidence of tooth decay has been substantially diminished

In spite of these improvements, though, teeth are still susceptible to infection, breakage and decay. It’s sometimes necessary to enlist the intervention of trained professionals to restore damaged teeth to good health. By utilizing modern technology and improved methods, we can now offer more and better options for restoring a tooth to its original appearance, function and shape.

Some of those options are:

We will always discuss the available options with you.

When you understand the range of options that may fit your situation, we’ll recommend what we believe will be the most durable, comfortable and least invasive treatment. It is our first priority to provide you with excellent care while enhancing / restoring your beautiful smile.

Reasons to choose restorative dentistry:

Don’t forget to give your teeth the attention they need—today and every day!

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