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Teeth Bleaching VS UV Whitening Treatments Rifkin Raanan Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry

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Whitening your teeth is one of the most effective and non-invasive ways of improving your smile. It is the cosmetic dental procedure with the least amount of risk and has seen a significant influx in popularity over the last decade. People favor professional whitening, such as teeth bleaching and laser whitening, than over the counter whitening options as they are less abrasive. Professional whitening ensures no damage is done to your enamel while removing surface stains and discoloration.

teeth whitening

While there are many options for whitening your teeth, the methods most frequently used in modern dentistry are bleaching and laser whitening. Although both methods offer affordable and effective solutions for yellowed teeth, there are some disadvantages to each

UV Whitening

UV whitening

Zoom whitening are effective at delivering a whiter smile almost instantaneously. While the thought of rapidly whitened teeth may seem appealing, there are some issues with UV whitening treatments. The use of powerful UV rays can cause an increase in your teeth’s sensitivity. In addition to sensitivity, routine UV whitening treatments can also cause:

UV whitening treatment is not proven to be more effective than traditional professional bleaching treatments. Some patients claim that the “whiteness” of their teeth reduced slightly in days proceeding their treatment. While laser whitening offers rapid results, it is much safer to achieve the same level of whitening over an extended period of time. It’s the same as weight loss, instant results may not be the best for longevity and your health

Dental Bleaching Kits

A professionally created home bleaching tray offers a traditional method of achieving a whiter smile. Your cosmetic dentist will create a custom tray that fits you perfectly which you will use at home along with a special whitening paste. This method is non-abrasive and the concentration of bleaching products used is very minimal, making it the safest and most effective means of teeth whitening on the market. Unlike over the counter products, a professional whitening kit is tailored specifically to your teeth. The process is simple and only requires two visits to your dentist.

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