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Dr. Rodney Raanan, DDS, MMSc, strives to create a superior patient experience that is unmatched in the field of dentistry. Read some of Dr. Raanan's reviews below, or book a consultation and experience world-class service for yourself.

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“I absolutely love Dr. Raanan! He was professional yet kind and made me feel very comfortable (which is tough considering I don't normally like the dentist!) He did a full exam as well and whitening which was amazing. I hadn't ever had my teeth whitened before but this was a seamless process and the results were beautiful! Highly recommend for a dentist!!” Review From Yelp — V.G.

“Today I had my first appointment with Dr. Raanan and I am amazed! I have been to good places before but for sure he is the best dentist I have ever been in my whole life. Everyone in the office is very friendly and they make you feel like home. It's the first time I'm excited to my next appointment at the dentist =)” Review from Google — GianRacer

“Dr. Rodney Raanan is truly amazing. He is a one of a kind dentist. Dr. Raanan is so kind and gentle. I could not thank him enough for all his help and patience! Everyone in the office is sweet and caring. What I most like about Dr. Raanan is how precise he is in his work. During my visit he took the time to go over all myX-rays and explained what was going on in my mouth. He explained everything step by step, and made sure I understood and always asked if I had any questions or concerns. After I went in for a cleaning and it was the most precise cleaning I have ever received. They measured my gums to make sure that all my gums were healthy, and gave me a good cleaning. Dr. Raanan fixed my broken tooth and took me out of the excruciating pain I was in. I cannot thank him or his office enough! Thank you so much Dr. Raanan for making my dental visit a more pleasurable one. Can't wait to see you again!” Review from Google — D.D.

“Dr Raanan is the most caring, gentle, professional, and all around impeccable dentist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. From the moment I walked into his office, I felt well taken care of not only by him, but by his wonderful team. During my consultation, Dr Raanan made sure to thoroughly listen to my concerns and offered his input in such a positive way, walking me through my treatment plan step by step. Now to the results...nobody can craft a more natural and beautiful looking smile than Dr Raanan... I was simply blown away by the attention to detail and divine craftsmanship that goes in to each and every case of his. I could not have ever imagined myself being this happy with my smile, and it's all thanks to Dr Raanan.” Review from Yelp — N.R.

“Dr. Rodney Raanan was nothing less than exceptional. Every time I walk in to Dr. Rodney Raanan's office I'm treated by the most caring and loving staff. Always a great experience.” — R.R.

“So incredibly lucky to have Dr. Raanan as my dentist. Treats my family and myself with the upmost respect. I've recommended him to all my colleagues and friends.” — M.X.

“Dr Raanan is such an amazing person who generally cares about how you feel! He takes the time to discuss how your vision about your teeth can come to life. Sue was my hygienist and she is like an angel her voice is so relaxing and calming. I never need numbing on my gums because she is so gentle with my teeth. Not one ounce of discomfort! Not to mention the office has a gorgeous view that makes you feel like your in the clouds :)” — M.S.

“You have to see Dr. Rodney!!! This has been the best dental experience I've ever had! Dr. Rodney explained everything to me and broke it down so I could understand the situation and make the best decision together as a team! I'm so incredibly grateful to be in the best hands and to work towards my best smile!! Thank-you so much Dr. Rodney!! My smile is the most important curve on my body and I cannot wait to show it off!” — H.B.

“If you're looking for a dentist - General or restorative / cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills or LA area - look no further. Dr. Raanan is amazing and so is his staff! I'm actually excited to come here every three months in order to get my teeth cleaned and check in with Dr Raanan to make sure everything is great. I also appreciate how he took his time to explain everything going on with my teeth and and showed me x-rays and, high definition photos so I can understand exactly what is going on in my mouth.” — K.M.

“I don't normally 'rate' BUT there's Always an exception. Dr. Raanan IS Worth both yours and mine time. Not only did he take GREAT care of me but he Also took great care of my mom. He is more Than qualified, he listens With Care then suggests what's best FOR YOU. Both my mom and I are still smiling with our pearly whites. Call his office today and tell them Michelle sent you. You will Be Glad you did and SMILING as well. Actually, I would be happy to give Dr. Raanan six stars!!!” — M.B.

“Dr. Raanan is simply excellent! I was impressed by his high quality of work with the combination of truly caring for the client. His knowledge and attention to details makes a difference. Thank you doctor for your great work.” — M.W.

“A 5 star experience. The office staff were such a delight to interact with and Dr. Rodney was professional and friendly. I appreciate Dr. Rodney's careful explanation on the results after he examined my teeth. I am relieved to have found a dentist I am happy with and definitely will recommend him to my family and friends.” — K.C.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Raanan's for just about a year. For more than 45 years, several dentists, who were top in their field, have attempted to fix my teeth. It was not until I met Dr. Raanan that he immediately found the issue was with my bite. Over several months Dr. Raanan rebuilt my entire mouth. With the work finally completed I do not use hyperbole when I use the term, "life changing." To be able to chew foods properly, to fully enjoy the bliss of biting into a crisp apple, is nothing short of a wondrous event. With a passion for his craft and his intellectual brilliance he executed perfectly his vision, and exceeded every expectation of mine. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Raanan for his dedication to this engineering endeavor. Thank you.” — D.M.

“When I first walked in, I wasn't sure if I was entering a dentist office or a luxury medical spa. Unlike the fluorescent lights, yellow walls, and robotic staff I was expecting (given my history with dental offices) I was instead greeted with a charming, young staff in front of a sweeping view of Beverly Hills and immediately walked into a luxuriant, spacious room for my cleaning presented with Fiji water and asked if I was interested in a mani-pedi following my teeth cleaning to optimize my experience!! Can you imagine my delight and disbelief? Rather than go through a painful tedious treatment, Dr. Raanan's friendly staff and bespoke style service made my experience an indulgent and greatly enjoyable one. The cleaning was short, sweet, and painless and followed up by a consultation and a treatment plan on how to enhance my smile naturally on my own. In sum, I was beyond impressed by my complete experience at Dr. Raanan's practice and would definitely recommend going to Dr. Raanan if you'd like to begin looking at dentist visits as an enjoyable, even luxurious experience!!” — T.H.

“Dr. Rodney is an exceptional dentist with a very professional team. He did a deep cleaning and removed cavities. The cleaning was really fast and didn't feel any pain. Concerning my cavities, my previous dentist told me that I needed crowns and root canal, while Dr. Rodney was the only one that tried to avoid that situation and saved my teeth. I am really thankful for all the staff's work. I would definitively recommend this dentist and staff.” — A.G.

"I just started my Invisalign with Dr. Rodney and his dedication to making sure I have the best results is unmatched. I really appreciate Dr. Rodney and his staff's honesty and providing full transparency through every step of the process - it shows that he delivers results and gives 200% in giving his patients the best service. I highly recommend Dr. Rodney Raanan and looking forward to referring more of my friends." — V.R.

“Most people fear going to the dentist, but with Dr. Rodney, that fear goes away. The office environment is great and the staff are all super sweet and great at what they do. Dr. Rodney gives the best treatment than any dentist I've ever tried. I recently went in for a teeth whitening and couldn't be more pleased with the results. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new dentist, whether it is just for basic cleaning or for more intense procedures/surgeries, look no further than Dr. Rodney!” - JB

“Dr. Rodney and his staff are the upmost professional, always making me feel right at home. I can't stop smiling and it's been a couple weeks so my face hurts now ;) needless to say I love my veneers! I highly recommend Dr. Rodney, he's the only dentist I look forward to seeing. BRAVO to the artist because that's what he does by designing the perfect one of a kind smile. See you in a few months for my cleaning :D” — N.W.

“I have had braces and Invisalign but a few teeth just wouldn't completely straighten out, so I decided to look into alternative options. I met with Dr. Rodney Raanan who was so incredibly knowledgeable and decided to move forward with veneering the few teeth that were bothering me. I went in for the next appointment and my teeth are absolutely perfect. I can't stop staring at them. He matched the color perfectly, the shape was done meticulously and they look totally natural but corrected.” — J.C.

“I am forever grateful to Dr. Rodney because he gave me my confidence back and I will spend the rest of my life telling anyone who will listen what a perfectionist he is. Thank you so much Dr. Rodney. You have no idea how much you've positively impacted my confidence. Every day I get to wake up and smile without covering my mouth or becoming self-conscious about how I look. Every time I smile, I am now reminded of you and how hard you worked to help me step out into the world with my head high.” — A.M.

“One of the things that really makes Dr. Rodney so good is that he sees you as a person, not a wallet. He's not interested in charging you for every little thing/follow up visit/etc. He just wants you to be well informed about what's happening to your teeth and what your options are so YOU can decide what YOU want to do in terms of treatment. He will give you his expert opinion on what the ideal course of actions are. He's a straight-shooter and somebody I'm very pleased to recommend!” — A.F.

“Thank you, Dr. Rodney Raanan. I know that you are the best dentist ever, and I appreciate you! Taking care of my teeth over the past year has been a challenge, but I thank you for making sure that they are in the best shape they can be. I live in Pomona, but the drive is well worth it for the excellent care that I receive. Keep up the great work!” - S.S.

“I've been going to Dr. Rodney since early 2016. He is by far one of the best dentists I've ever gone to. He treats you with amazing care, tells you what you actually need to have done, he never tries to sell you like most dentists today. I would highly recommend anyone to him. I had to get a crown done and it was same day. He is so funny and he does an amazing job!!!” - C.K.

“Dr. Rodney Raanan is the BEST! A great dentist with a great personality. His knowledge and technique is one of a kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Rodney to anyone.” — J.S.

“I have been seeing Dr. Raanan for treatment for the past 6 months. He is very caring and gentle, always happy to answer questions about anything. We have referred several friends to his practice, and they are pleased with Dr. Raanan as well. I have so many friends who end up being uncomfortable or unhappy with their choice of cosmetic dentist, and I am happy to say that I am very trusting of Dr. Raanan with my dental needs.” — C.W.

“I had an appointment with Dr. Rodney to fix a broken tooth. He is very friendly and immediately puts you at ease. He took the time to make sure I was comfortable at all times and communicates his intentions throughout the procedure. I ended up needing a crown which meant those dreaded shots. He asked how I was with them beforehand so he could put me at ease and here is the best part, I didn't feel a thing. I highly recommend this office.” — E.J.

“Amazing visit! Thank Dr. Raanan and staff for a welcoming visit today. I started off with a gentle teeth cleaning. Before beginning my cleaning, I explained that my teeth were a bit sensitive. A numbing gel was applied on my gums and I didn't feel any discomfort whatsoever 😀. Following, I was treated with the most thorough examination of my life by Dr. Raanan. Aside from the fact that the beautiful penthouse office overlooks Beverly Hills and all the famous Hollywood celebrities are treated in this office, I was genuinely happy with the energy, atmosphere, knowledge, & passion of the staff. The attention to detail and professionalism that was received along with the information obtained about my dental healthcare was beyond my expectation. And, to add icing on the cake...(as every cake should have icing) I found out that Dr Raanan has a non-profit that does volunteer dental work for underprivileged kids in Los Angeles!! I look forward to my next cleaning!” — C.C.

“My story goes back to 2006 when I saw a dental "veneers" ad in a local magazine. Soon after, I decided to make an appointment and get them done. Little did I know that I should have done some research about the dentist's work history and speciality. Long story short, I ended up with unnatural horse teeth that negatively impacted my natural smile and oral health. In addition, I developed severe gum disease and other oral complications as years passed. I wanted my healthy smile back so I did my homework this time before choosing a doctor. After consulting with over 10 specialists, I found Dr. Rodney Raanan. He was able to accurately diagnose the problems and recommend affordable solutions. After a couple of office visits he was able to give me the beautiful smile I always dreamed about. I finally have healthy looking gum, natural teeth, and a beautiful smile. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Rodney Raanan and his team.” — S.N.

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